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On summer days when I was around four or five, my dad used to teach me all sorts of magic tricks with water, paper and watercolors. The characters of our story were always birds that flew to warmer lands, trees and clouds. From a tiny balcony in a grey city, nature has always been our most coveted companion.

As a little girl I loved drawing stories about every day at school, dresses for my princesses and fragments from the plays I watched over and over at the Children’s Theatre (where my father was playing as an actor).

Later, while taking my anatomy classes at the University of Medicine and drawing bones & muscles, I rediscovered my old passion. I became a member of the Medical Society of Fine Arts and participated in the group exhibitions once or twice a year.

In 2011, after an illustration workshop, little creatures carrying their untold story began to fascinate me. I’m still discovering this realm…

Contemplating the beauty of simple natural things or the complex urban architecture, illustrating a story or a half-forgotten dream, I am constantly trying to infuse spirit into my creations.



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