Stillness. Sounds Like a Book

Photo credits © Adrian Mihaiu

Last year I took part in the book-making workshop Sounds Like a Book, which focused on visualizing images through silence. During two intense weeks we imagined how a book about silence could look and feel, how the sound becomes form. In our discovery, we were accompanied by other visual and sound artists. All the details of the journey into the book-making and self-publishing world are here.
This year, the book is part of the Romanian Design Week exhibition.
A new edition of Sounds Like a Book is preparing and applications are now open. More information here.

Every time I’m hunting for stillness in the urban territory I live in, I find myself close to a little body of nature.
While I discover its offbeat paths and I go deeper, it’s like unveiling, layer by layer, a matrix of an interior greenhouse.

At the core of the matrix there is water, the element that binds all living tissues, the origin of memory and deep silence.

Stillness. 20×20 cm | digitally printed
Special thanks to Grapho_Mat for binding and coordination.
apa pe frunze | water on the leaves
recorded inside the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden

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