There’s been an awakening

Have you felt it? The Force of the Earth, that is.

Well, these jingle bells are our all-round-year Christmas decoration, because they’re hanging from the lamp and they’re the perfect earthquake alarm. On the third day of Christmas, when we had a 5.3 one, they awakened the true Holiday Spirit, dulled by too much TV-watching… (everything is OK, btw)

8 thoughts on “There’s been an awakening

  1. Earthquakes are trembling the earth around your neck of the woods these days quite often. I am glad it was a relatively mild one.
    Happy New Year, Raluca!

  2. Lovely post! Your drawing is adorable. 😉
    I did not ear about the earthquake. Happy to know you are safe!
    I wish you a beautiful Christmas (after all it ends the 6th of january for most of Europeans) and a wonderful 2017 full of kindness and love.

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