Weeping greenhouse

My heart crumbles every time I visit the old greenhouse of the Botanical Garden in Bucharest, my childhood haven. Its decaying beauty inspired me into making some sketches some while ago. As always, I am speechless in front of the saddening deterioration around me, but I have found here a journalist whose words are more accurate at describing the facts.





9 thoughts on “Weeping greenhouse

  1. I’m always torn in front of decaying buildings, I find so much beauty in decaying beauty but it’s also the story of a time that has passed and is about to end. I love your sketches, too!

  2. Lovely drawings! Of course the best is to preserve the old buildings if it is possible, sadly it is not often done.

  3. Your art just gets better and better. So sad that people decide to let buildings rot away…same here in Belgium, we hardly have any Art Nouveau buildings left …and recently they tore down a perfect exemple of a late Art Deco station to make room for a hideous Calatrava one (not all Calatrava work sucks but that one is just ugly)

  4. I never visited it but it’s on my list! There are so many beautiful old buildings in Bucharest that actually need to be recovered but there is no interest in it, unless they will gain fortunes after it 😦 really sad

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