Autumn with a taste of rooibos tea

It was so sunny today, after almost ten days of rain, that I had to take out all brushes and start a new experiment. It’s not a new thing, many artists have already tried this, but then what is new? So, here we go, sipping a bit, then moisten a bit my brush in the rooibos tea… It’s so delicious I want it to withstand time and soothe my eyes like the wonderful September sun.

The basil branches are from a local farm near Tours (where I had the chance to pick myself some tomatoes and… strawberries! yes, in late summer, sooo juicy :P). This little fellow has already two weeks, and is still going great, passed even a huge test at its arrival, when it resisted a whole day in the fridge! So I thought it deserved a portrait 🙂








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