37 Teapot Rides to Christmas

Such a short way from here!

And so many magic ideas that are snowing on me, and my little hands are too little and too busy with other snowmen. I will have to stock them in the refrigerator for next year. Or at least for the Christmas in July project, which isn’t that fearfully near.

I think that people should never give up sending greeting cards. It’s so heart-warming to find a handwritten card in your mailbox! A couple of weeks I ordered these cards from my moo friends – very professionally printed, with a silky finish and a glamorous feeling. Too bad they’re only 8 sets. In every set there is a Holy Night in Pretzel Town (cobalt blue background, left), a Day in Pretzel Town (dusk blue background, right) and Mr Hedgehog riding his new invention, the T.Pot Sleigh (middle) and envelopes. Pretzel Town was inspired by my illustrated recipe made for TDAC. This sounds silly 🙂


A few of them are on etsy . The others are reserved for dear ones. I just hope I’m not spoiling the surprise 🙂

More magic on the way. I’ll share it next week…

Sleep tight!


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