My first try involved foam tray, textile colors, some rags and a pencil. I found inspiration in a blog post , but it came out totally different. I wonder why… Instead of absorbing from the positive surface, the fabric was impregnated with color from the grooves in the foam (it went straight away there, couldn’t prevent it).

A total fiasco was with paper and acrylics – the foam stuck firmly, as if glued to the paper.


9 thoughts on “Experiments

  1. I think the mistake here is the paint you used. In the example you showed it was printed on paper with a different kind of paint than you used.

    Unfortunately I don’t know anymore what kind of paint it is 😦 I know I’ve used it before in the past. I’ll try to look for you.

    • I used a rubber roller first (in the paper experiment, which I didn’t photograph) and a paint knife afterwards, because the roller was sliding instead of rolling (the surface with paint was too glassy for it, I guess).
      The fabric colors are called Tex, from Ferrario and are water based.

      • Hmmm.. I believe oil based paint should be better, but I don’t know if it would fix the sliding problem. Did you try it on paper first? Maybe it simply isn’t a helpful method for textiles…

      • As I said, on paper it failed. The foam got stuck to the paper. Maybe the I should’ve diluted the acrylic paint.
        But I will try again on textiles, with different materials and technique (maybe stencil).

    • Thank you, Freja. I am not going to give up, it’s just that I have so little time and so much to discover…

  2. That is quite interesting, that it came out the opposite way.
    I was going to share my screen printing technique, but the tutorial I used for it is not available any more. … generally, the template is put on an wooden embroidery hoop and painted with a varnish which is used as top coat for decoupage In the tutorial was used mod-podge, which I have no idea what is, It is not possibel to do thin lines with this method though.

    • I think I saw a similar tutorial, but as I didn’t have an embroidery hoop I preferred to try the stamp method first.

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