Monday Moodboard: Hedgehogs

I have been so involved with this theme in my illustrations lately, that it seems like it’s the only thing I can think about to improve my mood on a Monday. Besides zapping for treasures on Etsy, of course. So here are four of my teammates from European Street Team on Etsy.

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1. azulado

2. TheHouseOfMouse

3. crochAndi

4. EarthLab

7 thoughts on “Monday Moodboard: Hedgehogs

  1. I can’t blame you:) your hedgehog is superb 🙂

    And I Like your Moodboard a lot

    When I was a little girl, at walk with my dad, we found a little hedhehoge, and his leg was hurt, We took him near to my home, and I was feeding him 🙂 When the leg was ok, he left ….. Now You know why I like them so much :))

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